Edit Board

Collaborative video production

View, annotate, transcribe, share and edit video from wherever you are. Edit Board's unique capabilities let you integrate with production workflows and editing systems remotely.

Collaborative Video Editing

  • Quickly and securely share proxies with your team
  • Fast sync for seamless team collaboration
  • Trim videos and create clips
  • Arrange clips into sequences in our collaborative boards

Export To Edit Suite

  • Secure rushes upload
  • Cloud transcoding into DNxHD or ProRes
  • Export FCP XML for Final Cut Pro
  • Export AAF for Avid or Premier Pro

Transcription Sync and Auto Edit

  • One click transcription service
  • Synchronised video/text timeline and shot selection
  • Export transcripts
  • Auto Edit creates clips from edited text

  • Manage membership at organisation and board levels
  • Online and offline working
  • Real-time sync of boards for rapid collaboration
  • Role based permissions
  • Easy invite via email
  • Removal of permission clears media cached on devices and access to data
  • All data and media in the cloud encrypted at rest
  • All network connections encrypted
  • Granular role based permissions
  • Strong app and hardware security
  • See FAQ for more detail
  • Intuitive, vertically scrolling paste-boards
  • Add video, images and text
  • Hierarchical - you can add sub-pages and nest structured media
  • Resize and reposition media
  • Implicit video timeline creation from media positions
  • Media clipboard
  • With iPad draw on board surface for notes and sketches
Review & Annotation
  • High quality review with timecode and frame accurate jog
  • Add frame accurate text comments and drawn annotations
  • High quality audio with scrubbing and waveforms
  • Create clips from comments
  • Star ratings out of five
  • Trim videos and create new clips
  • With iPad draw on board surface for notes and sketches
  • macOS - From local files and network file shares
  • macOS - Automated from watch folders
  • macOS - With optional FFmpeg integration
  • iOS - From device media library
  • iOS - Directly from cloud file services: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, iCloud Drive etc.
  • API - Add media programatically using our API
  • Individual videos, trimmed or entire
  • Simple edited video sequences
  • Final Cut Pro XML for Final Cut Pro
  • AAF for Avid
  • Web micro-site
  • Transcripts
  • One-click cloud transcription service
  • Video/text scroll and selection sync
  • Automatic clip creation from edited transcripts
Cloud Ingest
  • Optional automated upload of rushes to cloud
  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Automated sync down of proxy/mezzanine/original media
Cloud Transcode
  • If you upload your rushes we can transcode them into a mezzanine format for you
  • DNxHD - with media linking for exporting edits seamlessly into the edit suite
  • ProRes - with download links in FCP XML for direct import into FCP
  • Customised transcoding available
  • Selective transcode using star ratings

Edit Board software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1

Code from other projects were also used. All the code used can be downloaded here.

You can read more about how we use FFmpeg here: FFmpeg