Edit Board offers automated transcription of your videos.

To transcribe everything in a board select Transcribe all videos when creating a new board, or you can request transcriptions of individual videos in the transcript tab of the player view by pressing the Transcribe button.

We have recently upgraded the way we produce automated transcripts to use OpenAI's latest, and best, Large Language Model. The quality and accuracy of the transcription is astonishingly good, and improved word-level timestamps give more accurate sync and automated editing with Paper Edits.

Our prices for transcription are available here.


Transcripts are synchronised to video content so that they move together. Scroll trough the text and the video scrolls, scroll the video and the text scrolls. Selection is also synchronised so that if you highlight a section of text the corresponding clip of video is also selected, and vice versa.

Paper Edits

Paper Edit lets you edit video directly from text.

You can export your transcripts as text files and edit them in any third party software, such as Word or Pages. Then select Paper Edit from the board's top menu and paste your edited text into the box provided. Edit Board will automatically find and order all the corresponding clips of video and place them in your current page.

If you add new text rather than only cutting/pasting/deleting when editing your transcripts Edit Board will add these as text elements between your video clips.