We have four standard sizes of monthly subscription, with different sizes of team and video quotas. You can always add extra people or video on top of a subscription.

All of of Edit Board's features are available with any of these subscriptions, and most are included in the subscription price, but some of our cloud services have additional charges which are shown futher down the page.


2 people

Add up to 5 hours of new video each month

£40 / month

First month free*


8 people

Add up to 25 hours of new video each month

£200 / month

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30 people

Add up to 125 hours of new video each month

£950 / month

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100 people

Add up to 625 hours of new video each month

£4500 / month

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Cloud storage and download of proxy video and other small project files, like drawings and still images, are included in the subscription price for the first six months of their life, after that storage and download are charged for at the Additional Charges rates below. (With proxy video files this works out at roughly £0.14 per hour per month for storage, and £0.70 per hour for downloads.)

*This offer covers the first month's subscription fee only. Any additional costs, such as extra people or video, or additional services will be charged for.

Extra People

If your team grows bigger than your subscription you will be charged for each extra person.

We are flexible and only count organisation members active in the last two months.

£10 / person / month

Extra Video

You can add extra video and we will charge by the hour.

Like the subscription this charge covers the first six months of cloud storage and downloads of proxy video.

£9.00 / hour

If you want to transcribe your videos or use our ingest services to upload and transcode your files you will have additional charges. These services are optional extras that you can configure when setting up a new board.

Cloud Transcoding

We can transcode your original video content into ProRes or DNxHD mezzanine formats in the cloud. You can also do this locally using the Mac version of Edit Board, this is free. We only charge if you choose to use our cloud service to do this for you.

£4.20 / hour

Storage and Download

Cloud storage and download of original video and mezzanine video files and other files older than six months.

Storage - £1.70 / TB / day

Download - £0.26 / GB


Automated transcription is charged according to the length of the video.

You can choose to transcribe individual videos or configure a board to automatically transcribe all its videos.

£4.80 / hour

BYO storage - If you would like to host large quantities of high quality video for long periods you might prefer to supply your own cloud storage for us to use, you would then not be charged additional fees for storage or downloads. Please get in touch to discuss the details of setting this up.

All prices shown on this page are exclusive of VAT and will have VAT added if you are liable to pay it.

All quantities of data on this page refer to the binary version of GB and TB - ie 1GB = 1024^3 bytes. See FAQ for more information.