With live logging anyone in the team can add comments during filming, and they will be automatically added to the rushes.

To make live logging work your rushes need to have time-of-day timecode and you need to configure board to use it and select your local time zone.

To add comments live select the Live Logging menu at the top of the board

In the Live Logging window just type to add new comments. The time that the comment is added is recorded and it will be synchronised to the rushes' timecode.


Tag shortcuts can be added and removed from the view using the +/- keys. Typing +tag-name to add a tag and -tag-name to remove it.

Tags can also be placed in groups by typing +group-name:tag-name

Tags offer text completion using the tab key, ie p tab would add the tag Paul


In the top right corner you can change the colour of the comments being added. If you export comments as Avid Markers the markers will have the corresponding colours.